Ragna Lüders

Portrait of Ragna Lüders
Ragna is the mother of an adult daughter and has been a practicing psychotherapist in Hamburg since 1995.

Training and certifications:

  • body oriented psychotherapy
  • Systemic therapy/family constellations work
  • Ericksonian Clinical Hypnosis
  • Study of Transpersonal Psychology “Diamond Logos” with Faisal Muqaddam
  • Somatic Experiencing® by Peter Levine, Larry Heller, PhD and Raja Selvam, PhD
  • EMDR® by Francine Shapiro
  • Neuroaffective Psychotherapy with Susan Hart and Marianne Bentzen

Regular participation in advanced training with the following focal points:

Psychotherapeutic procedures, resource-oriented trauma therapy, Somatic Experience®, couple therapy, “Crucible Therapy” with Dr. David Schnarch, stress management, meditation and mindfulness.

  • Member of the professional association Somatic Experiencing ® Deutschland e.V.
  • Holder of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy
It takes courage, curiosity and
to submit to a
therapeutic process.
The courage, to face what is
waiting for us,
the curiosity, as it is a blissful
experience to uncover the new,
and compassion, to move
into a healing