Do you know what it feels like to encounter boundaries while searching for change? The vague feeling of not being ok? A feeling of discontent or emptiness? You long to live a satisfying, happy and meaningful life. You long for a harmonious relationship, friends with whom you can share and success in your work. And although you strive to fulfill these goals you are unable to find the inner balance and the necessary fulfilment to achieve them? 

the internal wisdom
requires silence.

A separation, difficulties with people or your job, sickness or the death of someone close may trigger a feeling of helplessness or inadequacy, or more subtle feelings that we don’t even notice. Almost every human being encounters a point where we come to the realisation that our life cannot continue as it is.

Often we are driven by our unconscious reactions, fears and insecurities where our lack of trust or our negative experiences from the past can compel us to choose solutions that are sourced from the unconscious mind. These actions and reactions are sometimes difficult for us to recognize without professional support which is where the therapeutic process can support you to:

  • come into contact with yourself
  • recognize your own potential
  • obtain direction in your life
  • develop a solid and reliable foundation within yourself
  • regain trust in yourself and in your decisions