Location & Contact

Ragna Lüders
Naturopath – limited to the field of psychotherapy
Beim Andreasbrunnen 2, 20249 Hamburg

Consultation by appointment only.

Ragna’s practice is located in Hamburg-Eppendorf.
These subway stations are nearby:

  • Kellinghusenstraße
  • Eppendorfer Baum
  • Klosterstern

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The costs of consultations are usually most often covered by private health insurance and supplementary health insurance. If you wish to settle the sessions through your health insurance, please check with your insurance company prior to booking to confirm that if the reimbursement of this benefit is included in your coverage.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

A wise man was asked:
“Which is the most important hour that
man can encounter, who is the
most significant human being
that man meet and which is the
most necessary work.
His answer was:
“The most important hour
always is the present one,
the significant human being
is always the one I am facing,
and the most necessary work
is always love.”
Meister Eckhart